Conferences and Training are an excellent starting point to develop knowledge, stimulate individual and team awareness and insights. We offer customized conferences and training in person or online. In order to accelerate the learning experience we use multiple approaches (ex: personal reflections, case study, group exercises, etc.).

You are in another province, other country? We are coming to you! We have several clients in Ontario, Alberta, Europe and US. If you already have an online training platform  (ex. Via, Storyline)? We have the expertise to use it. Call us for the costs.

Training or Team Building?

If you team encounters several challenges (conflicts, lack of collaboration, conter-productive behaviors etc.) you might want to consider a training session to improve the performance. While it might be a relevant approach, it is rarely enough. A training session will stimulates insights on the sources of the issues faced by the team but depending on the dysfunctions, we recommend other interventions pre or post training (ex diagnostic analysis, manager interventions, follow-up on behaviors change etc).

Customized Training (Training sessions of 3 to 6 hours)

  1. Theme: Understanding and appreciating individual differences (with MBTI customized report)

Training Objectives:

  • Inform participants on individual differences and their impact on natural preferences of acting, interpreting and deciding;
  • Allow participants to start a reflection process in order to better understand their strengths and blind spots;
  • Provide tools to improve collaboration and build on individual differences.

2. Theme: Developing your Emotional Intelligence

Training Objectives:

  • Inform participants on emotions and their influence on attitudes and behaviors;
  • Provide tools to the participants on emotions recognition and emotions management to be more effective;
  • Provide tools to the participants on sensitivity to others and relationships management to improve collaboration and leadership (6 hours version).

3. Theme: Developing your adaptability

Training Objectives:

  • Inform participants on adaptability competency and help them identify work contexts in which it needs to be used;
  • Assess your adaptability and the effectiveness of your adaptation strategies;
  • Provide tools to the participants to develop their adaptability at work.

4. Theme: Anxiety and Stress Management

Training Objectives:

  • Understanding attitudes and behaviors, your own and those of others, in difficult, incertain or changing situations;
  • Provide tools to help individuals develop their well-being, their personal development and boost their effectiveness.

5. Theme: Improve Communication

Training Objectives:

  • Inform participants to communication challenges and levers
  • Tool participants to improve their communication style

6. Theme: Collective Decision Process

Training Objectives:

  • Identify barriers and challenges associated with the collective decision process
  • Provide participants with the conditions necessary for group decision effectiveness

7. Theme : Improve Team Performance 

Training Objectives:

  • Understand Team Dynamic and Functioning
  • Provide tools to asses and improve team performance